Important Notice: Alert on Counterfeit Windy Products

About Windy

In a world where authenticity can be easily obscured, we stand before you as the original Windy Fight Gear brand, born and bred in Thailand. Our heritage is rich, rooted in the very soil that saw the birth of Muay Thai.

It has come to our attention that entities outside of Thailand have registered our brand name without our consent. And are producing Windy Fight Gear in Pakistan that do not reflect our quality, heritage, or values.

We urge our customers and supporters to be aware that Windy Fight Gear is shipped from Thailand only. The Windy gear shipped directly from our facility in Thailand carries the legacy of our founders and the trust of generations of fighters. Accept no imitations.

Our Legacy

Welcome to Windy, the bedrock of authentic fight gear. Founded in Thailand, Windy proudly stands as the oldest fight gear brand in the nation, embodying the spirit and tenacity of combat sports since 1951. Our journey began with a singular focus on crafting Muay Thai gear that met the rigorous demands of the sport's athletes. Today, our passion has evolved to encompass a wider array of combat sports, offering premium boxing equipment and MMA gear alongside our traditional Muay-Thai gear.

The Windy Promise

At Windy, our commitment to quality is unwavering. Each piece of gear is a testament to our dedication to excellence, designed to meet the needs of professional fighters around the globe. Our products are meticulously crafted, blending traditional techniques with modern innovations to deliver unparalleled performance.

Evolving with Fighters

Our evolution from a Muay Thai-centric brand to a comprehensive combat sports gear provider reflects our dedication to the athlete's journey. Whether you're stepping into the ring for a boxing match, training for an MMA fight, or sharpening your Muay Thai skills, Windy has the gear to support your aspirations.

Endorsed by Champions

Trusted by professionals, Windy's reputation for quality is echoed in gyms and fight events worldwide. Our fight gear is not just equipment; it's a partner in the athlete's journey to excellence and ultimate triumph.

Crafted in Thailand, Embraced by the World

While our reach has expanded, our roots remain firmly planted in Thailand. This ensures that every product we offer is infused with the authenticity and passion of the nation's fight culture.

Join the Windy Legacy

Choosing Windy means more than just selecting fight gear; it's embracing a legacy of quality, heritage, and the fighter's spirit. We invite you to be part of this continuing story, where tradition meets innovation in the heart of combat sports.

Sincerely yours: Wongprasertkarn Nutsiri 

Owner of Windy Sports co.,ltd Thailand