At the Windy Boxing Store USA, all of the Windy equipment purchased is guaranteed to be authentic, manufactured at the Windy Fight Gear Factory in Thailand. Every authentic Windy product carries a warranty of at least 3 months, and also come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Every Windy product purchased at the Windy Boxing Store USA features a unique QR code – which you can then use to confirm the authenticity of the product. Along with the receipt of your purchase, the QR code also functions as proof of your warranty.

In addition to that, every Windy product you order from the Windy Boxing Store USA, which comes from the Windy factory based in Thailand, offer a unique “Made in Thailand” logo which is not printed or attached, but heat pressed onto the item.

As such, the Windy Boxing Store USA cannot – and will not – accept any responsibility for any Windy product which does not feature both the QR code and the heat-pressed “Made in Thailand” logo.